• https://cdn.tweakgeekit.com.au/content/uploads/2015/04/construction-2014.png
  • https://cdn.tweakgeekit.com.au/content/uploads/2015/04/connection-2014.png
  • https://cdn.tweakgeekit.com.au/content/uploads/2015/04/suspended-2014.png

2014 cPanel Templates

These fully mobile responsive cPanel templates are composed of minimal HTML with inline CSS styling to keep them quick and light. These templates also feature Font Awesome icon integration.

These cPanel templates are designed by Tweak Geek IT and were in use by us throughout 2014 and are free to download and use.

Included templates:

  • Under Construction
  • Account Suspension
  • Connection Warning

You can download these files for free from our store: Tweak Geek IT – 2014 cPanel Templates

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