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50 Faces of the RFDS Landing Page

This custom built HTML landing page and email template was purpose built by Tweak Geek IT for the 50 Faces of the RFDS in order to give the fundraiser a web presence while the full featured website was being developed.

The landing page template was purpose built and written in HTML and CSS from scratch. It is a fully mobile responsive template that features fluid width and stack-able tables for the logo and image, custom YouTube embedding that auto resizes the video to suit the viewing devices screen resolution and CSS animations on social media buttons.

The email template was also custom designed to match the landing page styling and is also a fluid width design. The template will automatically resize to best fit the screen resolution of the device it is being displayed on and it features inline CSS styling to make sure it looks good in all email clients.

This project has been an awesome build to be apart of and that has caused us here at Tweak Geek IT to go the extra mile during development as this around Australia flight plans to raise money for the often forgotten yet indispensable services provided by the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctors Service).

To learn more about this great fundraising project, or to see the landing page in action (before we publish the fully feature website), please visit www.50facesrfds.com.au

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