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Tia Croe – Website Redesign

4 years ago before Tweak Geek IT was even officially open for business the author Tia Croe came to us requiring a website to host her extensive collection of short stories and series based works of fiction, a large portion of Tia’s work is erotic literature and as a result some sections of the site needed to be unavailable to search engine crawlers and persons under the age of 18.

You can view our original portfolio for here.

After years of existing on a fast changing web it was time for a redesign that not only updated the look of her website, but also made it mobile friendly and fast. We completely overhauled the design and went with a pin-board style post layout using a 3 column grid on desktops and a single vertical column on smaller mobile screens.

We also updated the member functions and restricted page system that was previously in place as well as integrating a star rating system for posts dedicated to book reviews performed by Tia herself.

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